Volunteer Teams are a vital part of our ministry. Whether serving behind a computer, holding a door, or teaching children, each role plays a significant part in spreading the good news of Jesus and in building the community that we need. We believe that each person can find a place to serve, either based on their gifting or the needs that are presented. Joining a Volunteer Team can fulfill a desire that all of us have to belong. It can also help hold you accountable, and even connect you with lifelong friends. Ultimately, serving models the example of Christ, and gives others the opportunity to hear and see the Gospel. If you’re interested in finding your place on a Volunteer Team, fill out the form below. We’re happy to help you take the next step.

Here are a few examples of our teams:

  • Kids Teams
  • Thrive Students Leadership
  • Worship Teams
  • Media & Tech Teams
  • First Impressions Teams
  • Lord’s Supper Teams
  • Baptism Teams